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HushMat Quiet Tape UNIVERSAL

Brand: HushMat | Category: Interior Products
These parts should fit your vehicle, they are universal parts. Click a part number for more information.
30300 Quiet Tape
Single Shop Roll
Size 1in x 20'
80300 Quiet Tape Shelf/Counter Pack
8 Rolls of Universal Quiet Tape

Product Description

Another HushMat innovation that makes the electronic installs easier. Get rid of the duct tape that dries up and falls off. Wrap or secure wire and cable with the ease of HushMat Quiet Tape. Quiet Tape is a proprietary butyl formula with a plastic film laminate. Adhesion is guaranteed.

Use quiet tape to secure wire harnesses and cables to door panels, floor, trim panels, back of the headliner and vehicle side walls. Eliminate the nuisance noise caused by wire harnesses and cables rattling. This also reduces wear and tear on wires and cables. With HushMat Quiet Tape – The job is done.

Available in tape 2” x 6” pre-cut strips, or a 1” x 30 ft. shop roll.