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TITAN Premium In-Bed Auxiliary Fuel Systems UNIVERSAL

These parts should fit your vehicle, they are universal parts. Click a part number for more information.
5310060 In-Bed Transfer Tank & Pump
Tank Capacity 60 Gal
5410060 In-Bed Auxiliary Fuel System
Tank Capacity 60 Gal
5410040 In-Bed Travel Trekker Auxiliary Fuel System
Tank Capacity 40 Gal
5410050 In-Bed Travel Trekker Auxiliary Fuel System
Tank Capacity 50 Gal
9900002 One-Way Vent Line Breather Kit
Use w/ TITAN Travel Trekker
9901670 Tie-Down Kit
For 5410050 Travel Trekker
9901750 Locking Fuel Cap
For 5410050 Travel Trekker

Product Description

TITAN’s innovative patent-pending design gives you the advantages of advanced design and materials. All TITAN in-bed tanks are manufactured from 1/4” thick, ultra durable cross-linked polymer to resist condensation and provide a light weight, corrosion proof tank that lasts. Tanks come complete with heavy duty mounting hardware with tie downs, a free spinning locking cap, fuel gauge and built in lifting handles.